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    I'm a applying for the Fall 2019 Scholarships and I am completing my application now for the October board. Can anyone tell me how likely I am to recieve the 4 year scholarship?
    ACT: 26
    GPA: 3.9(uw) 4.29(w)
    Activites: Tennis (3 Varsity letters-Captain for 1 yr); Softball (2 J.V. & 2 Varsity letters);
    Basketball (2 J.V. & 2 Varsity letters);
    Volunteer Club (4 years-secretary 1 year); Spanish Club (4 yrs- President for 2); Marching Band (1 year); Pep Band (3 years); KFC job (1year); Umpire (2 years) ; Soccer Ref (1 year)

    PFA: Pushups: 20
    Curl-ups: 50
    Mile: 7:12
    *I'm also a female
    Any info would be greatly appreciated
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    No, no one here can tell you how likely it is that you’ll receive an ROTC scholarship. See the countless other threads on this topic, and the answers follow a common theme: The only thing anyone knows is your chances are 0% if you don’t apply.

    Couple quick thoughts, though: Take the ACT again with the intent of getting into the 30s. Start thinking about how you’ll demonstrate ‘leadership impact.’ Titles or participation or volunteering don’t ecessarily equate to true leadership. You’ll need to show how you made an impact.
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    This is so true, with any interview and especially with the one(s) you will undergo for the ROTC scholarship, statistics and titles look great on paper but a leadership title is far different than leadership experience. You WILL have to talk about all that and describe the impacts and lessons you’ve learned from such positions and show how it has all developed you as a team member, leader, and prospective cadet. The best advice I have is the following:

    1. Keep in mind this is an “all-around” consideration, focus on excelling as much as you can at every variable possible.

    2. You are applying for this scholarship with an intention to meet the service branches needs and satisfy their mission statement! Too often people apply seeing this as an opportunity for themselves rather than the bigger picture.

    3. You’re applying for a “job.” This is a professional matter...treat it that way! Research research research on interview techniques and be educated on what you’re taking on and what branch you might be headed towards.

    Ultimately there is no consistency or guaranteed rate for applicants. All you can do is quite literally what you can do, and that’s your best! Best wishes, I remember when I was where you are at, be patient and be thankful regardless of what happens. If it makes my answer any more credible, I received a 4 Year Type 7 Technical Major AFROTC Scholarship this past cycle/year.
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    ^^^^ Just to pile on about real leadership.... There is a radio commercial that plays in my neck of the woods where one person says, "I got a new title today. I'm now Office Birthday Party Coordinator!". That one probably doesn't cut it and more to the point, the minimal effort and commitment it takes for that kind of role (or any role) won't cut it.
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