4 Years On a 3-Year Scholarship

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    My son did not get a 4-yr scholarship, so he joined the Army Reserves and went to BCT right after HS graduation so he could do SMP. While there, we received notification he was awarded a 3-yr scholarship. His Reserves pay helped cover that first year of college. He ended up staying in the Reserves and converting the scholarship to a GRFD. He completed LDAC this past summer, and has now started his 4th year of college. He is earning an engineering degree, which will take 5 years. He just asked ROTC about extending his scholarship to cover the 5th year, and it was done without a problem.

    I just wanted to pass this along to those of you NOT getting the 4-year scholarship. There are many ways to get it to all work, so always have a Plan B and it should all come together in the end.

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