4-yr NROTC Scholarship Opens Up Again April 1st?

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    Nov 24, 2014
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    I have made a similar thread like this before, but now that I have raised my SAT scores and plan to major in a STEM field, I thought I would make an updated one. And I know what all of you are thinking - the scholarship application has closed. However, a Navy Officer that is in charge of the Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, etc. district informed me that the 4-yr NROTC scholarship will open up again starting April 1st? Does this sound right? If so, starting from now until the end of April, I need to write all the essays, get recommendations from teachers and counselors, take the PT test, and fill out all the required forms.

    Does anyone have any advice on how I could do all of the application process in less than a month? What is a good female pt score (I know the min and max but not the average)? Could someone proofread my essay (by email)? How can I make this go as smoothly as possible? Any help AT ALL will be greatly appreciated!

    Also, I have provided some info. on my GPA/ courses/ sports/ leadership. Do you think this is good enough?

    Colleges applied and accepted to:
    - University of Colorado Boulder
    - University of Colorado Denver
    - University of Denver
    - Colorado State University - Pueblo
    - Creighton University
    - Westmont College
    - Pepperdine University

    Noteworthy Courses:

    (I'm taking Pre-Calc my Senior year)
    Honors Physics - A-
    AP U.S History - B
    AP Language Arts - A
    AP Literature - B
    AP Government - A
    AP Environmental Science - B
    up to Honors Spanish IV - B

    GPA unweighted: 3.73
    GPA weighted: 4.07

    Testing: SAT scores:
    Critical Reading: 580
    Math: 600
    Writing: 590

    Total Score: 1770
    Critical Reading + Math: 1180

    #1) Critical Reading: 580
    Math: 450 Essay (1-12): 10
    Writing: 550
    Essay (1-12): 8

    #2) Critical Reading: 550
    Math: 510
    Writing: 590
    Essay (1-12): 9

    #3) Critical Reading: 550
    Math: 600
    Writing: 570
    Essay (1-12): 10


    · Cross Country (Non-Council) Co-Captain 2014
    · 2 High School Athletic Award for Cross Country 2013 - 2014
    · 2 High School Athletic Awards for Girls Soccer 2012-2013
    · 1 High School Athletic Award for Girls Track 2013
    · 1 High School Athletic Award for Girls Softball 2012

    Clubs/ Leadership Positions:

    · National Honors Society (NHS) – member from: 2013-2015
    · National Society of High School Scholars (N.S.H.S.S) – member from: 2014-2015
    o LP: 2014-2015 NSHSS Ambassador
    · Spanish National Honors Society (SNHS) – member from: 2012-2015
    o LP: 2012-2013 Treasurer
    · Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) – member from: 2012-2015
    o LP: 2012-2013 Secretary, 2014-2015 Co-President
    · Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership; member from 2013-2015
    o LP: HOBY Ambassador
    · Student Council; member from: 2013-2014
    · Friends of Rachel (F.O.R); member from: 2012-2014
    · Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA); member from: 2013-2015
    · Prom Committee; member from: 2013-2014
    · Environmental Club; member from: 2012-2013
    · Adventure Club member from 2014-2015

    Volunteer Work:

    · Care & Share Warehouse general volunteer
    · Reforested the Monteverde region in Costa Rica (June 21st 2012)
    · Venezia Community Park reforestation/ weed maintenance (Aug 23rd 2014)
    · Canned food item collection for the homeless in housing areas by the Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO (July 9th 2013)
    · Pro Football Camp flier distributer volunteer (June 20th – 30th)
    · Crossfire Ministries Thanksgiving Food Pantry Donation volunteer (November 25th)
    · High Trails Counselor Volunteer (4 days, 60 hours)
    · Freshman First Day Counselor (1 day, 8 hours)
    · Adopt-A-Family, Hope & Home, and Pennies for Patients Donator

    Other Awards/ Accomplishments:

    · 3 Academic Letter Awards
    · 8 Activities Letter Awards
    · Liberty High School’s World Language Department’s Outstanding Student Achievement Award for Intensive Spanish II
    · 2 Colorado District Honor Awards – FBLA Districts in Global Business
    · 1 Colorado State Honor Award – FBLA State in Global Business
    · DECA State Conference on International Business Manual (2014)
    · Formal invitation to represent Liberty High School for the National Youth Leadership Forum on Law and CSI (2013)
    · Formal invitation to represent Liberty High School for the National Youth Leadership Forum on Careers in Business & Innovation (2014)

    . CPR Certified
    . 4 yrs of learning the Spanish language
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    The application will be opening for NEXT year's cycle. So this would be for current H.S. Juniors or currents H.S. Seniors who do not get a scholarship this year, but want to try for one that they would get for the beginning of their Sophomore year in college in fall of 2016.
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    That is what I thought as well, but the officer I talked to specifically said it was a 4-year scholarship for freshman year.
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    It is for freshman year, for the class of 2020. It does normally open up April 1.

    I didn't wade through everything, but your SAT superscore will be inadequate. Try the ACT. Some people do better at that. Or try a SAT tutor who can teach strategies for taking the test. I know your scores exceed the listed minimums but you really need to shoot for scores in the range that USNA appointees achieve. Of course the only way you don't have a chance of winning a scholarship is not to apply. (BTW - DS had a SAT superscore of 1320 (reading and math) and did not receive a 4 year Marine option scholarship. Just sayin'.)

    You don't need to rush the application. What you should focus on completing prior to the end of your school year is teacher recommendations. If you get the rest of the application submitted by late August or early September you should be in fine shape to meet the maximum number of boards. The goal is to win a scholarship, not get an application submitted. Give the application the time it deserves. Just food for thought.
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    That is good to know. However, about the SAT scores, I'm not sure how much higher I can score if I try to take the test again (I'm worse at the ACT). And I know I should not rush, but I was advised to turn in the application the day it opens because most of the applicants that recieve scholarships apply the first week it is open (or so I've heard). But I do appreciate your advice and might retake the SAT.

    By the way, why do they open the boards back up after the 4-yr scholarship deadline for college freshman has passed?
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    The information you have on most applicants is incorrect. Getting it in before the first board (most likely in September) can improve your chances somewhat, but it is not true that most scholarship awardees have it in as soon as it opens, or even by the first board.

    Like I said, try a tutor or find a book that covers strategies for taking the SAT, and practice, practice, practice. There are frequently subsidiary clues in the question which can lead you to the answer. Where there's a will there is a way.

    They reopen the application process for the next class year. Rising college freshman will be applying for a scholarship for their sophomore year. Rising college high school seniors will be applying for a 4 year scholarship. The boards don't begin until late August or more likely September. Navy is very secretive about the board dates and never publishes them.
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    NROTC scholarship is tough to get. Try the ACT....this is really good advice. DS was denied at the very end(1390 SAT Math and Verbal....3 sport athlete, all-state, captain of 2. He was wait listed at USNA last year, received AFROTC Type 7, and appointment to USAFA.

    Keep working on everything. Enroll in NROTC in your freshman year and compete for an in school scholarship. I actually think you can reapply now for the 4 year which may have been a change last year. Someone with more experience will have to respond....good luck.
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    I know I'm really late but I was awarded the 4 year NROTC scholarship this year. Its hard to give you much advice because honestly you knocked my application out the water. How I received the scholarship? I have no idea. I mean compared to what you've accomplished its become even more of a mystery of how I received it. My gpa was a 3.4(weighted) YIKES! SAT 1470( SUPER YIKES) ACT 26 and I think my essays were pretty horrible. Academically I am absolutely no competition to anyone but I had an arms length worth of student involvement, played six varsity sports in school, was president of 3 clubs and started 2 of my own clubs, 200+ hours of volunteer service. I rocked my interview and PFT I got a 270/300. So if I can give you any advice I say try your HARDEST on your PFT. 100 crunches in 2 mins, I believe a 22 min. 3 mile, and 70 second flexed arm hang. Go into your interview dressed to the nines. I wore an all black pants suit with 2 in. pumps and a perfect bun. I believe appearance in your interview is SSOOOOO important. and last but not least OWN YOUR INTERVIEW. I honestly believe that is the major reason why I got the scholarship. Go in there with confidence, be professional, and show them that you deserve the scholarship. Highlight your strengths and for crying out loud please present a new way of stating why you want to be a marine corps officer. I can't tell you how many of the exact same responses I heard to that question. Oh yeah and find the teachers you know the best and you know will write you a fantastic letter of recommendation. If it's not too late I am willing to proofread your essay for you. Goodluck!

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