4th-Class Courses?

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by Viper91, Nov 5, 2012.

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    So I've been doing a little research in the academic major "maps" and noticed that the Academy didn't list the courses a Doolie would take.

    Is there any place I can get an idea of what a 4th-Class cadet would take? I will be registering for next semester at my college and want to be sure that I can take courses that would prepare me, as well as satisfy my A.S. if I am, for some reason, not accepted.
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    They take mostly core classes unless they validated them. If they validated the classes, they move to the next course in the sequence. There are several cadets with at least one year of college behind them before entering USAFA and many cadets validating several classes.

    My memory is a bit shaky but this based on what my DS took his 4* year. They take one semester of English, one semester of writing, two semesters of Calculus, one semester of Physics, one semester of Chemistry, two semesters of Military History, 2 semesters of a foreign language useful to the Air Force (Arabic, Russian, Chinese, etc.), one semester of an Engineering Intro class, and two semesters of PE during the 2 semesters of 4* year. They also have military training and intramurals in the afternoon.

    Current cadets, correct me where I missed something or got it wrong.
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    I think Dad has it about right, but here is the USAFA Curriculum. Look on pages 110, 112, 114, and 116 for suggested course sequences for science, engineering, humanities, and social sciences. You will notice that the first year is the same for all majors except if a cadet validates out of a course. I think Dad just missed the Computer Science course. From my perspective, he appears to have a great memory.

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