5 wisdom teeth and DoDMERB?


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Jul 5, 2008
Well, 'tis the season for wisdom teeth extractions.
Should I schedule my surgery after my DoDMERB? (I will be under general anesthesia).
Ain't it great when you have five instead of four.......:thumbdown:
I had mine done about 2 weeks before I went for my DODMERB appointments and that was more than enough time for my gums to heal.
Have fun!- the surgery isn't bad at all.
I too had 5. All had to be cut out. It actually doesn't matter one way or the other when you get them extracted. USNAHOPEFUL is right, two weeks before will be fine or after. Your choice:smile: Good luck!
I just saw my dentist, and he said I'd need to have them out within the year. So I'm gonna get it done Christmas break :thumbdown:. Anyway, good luck with yours.
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Whoops...., I guess not. Good choice though. You can drink lots of milkshakes for a day or two.
Ok- good to hear. Best news I've had this week! :redface:
My extra is in the upper left, packermatt7.

Thanks again!
When you leave the dentist office after having your wisdom teeth pulled go and get a milkshake and a spoon. You will not be able to drink it thru a straw, but you can spoon it into your mouth even with your mouth packed. This will put something on your stomach so you can take the pain medicine and the cold from the milkshake will help with the swelling. This is what I did and it worked wonders for me. Do not take the medicine for pain on an empty stomach - it will make you sick! :eek:
You will do great - just follow what the doctor tells you to do and rest. :wink:
Exactly! Dairy Queen was my savior. I had a milkshake every two hours and di just fine.:smile:
Whoopee! An excuse to eat nothing but frozen desserts!!!
I agree, funtime, I could hardly stand when I was on Vicodin last time......

I guess I'll just have to keep a large supply in my freezer...oh darn....:shake:
Enjoy and maintain that nutrition:smile: