8th semester grades...slipping

Dec 30, 2017
Traditionally I am a straight A's student and never havr gotten a B before, and I have committed to West Point. This last semester I have a C in AP US Government and a B in AP Economics and AP Statistics. Sorry if this sounds superfluous, but that C keeps looming over my head. Is it a danger to my status when sending 8th semester transcripts?


VMI 2022, US Army
Jan 13, 2018
I watched a video by USMA admissions in which one of the admissions officers explains that USMA has been known to rescind applicants' appointments when they see D and Fs.

If you have just a C and B, according to the video, you should be fine. However...

Don't interpret what I just posted as any form of reassurance. You should always push yourself to exceed academically, physically, and mentally (I know that sounded cliché but whatever :D).

Goat 965

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Sep 12, 2017
DD struggle with AP US History, just wasn't her thing. Passed the class with an 85, but did not do well on the actual AP exam. It is a tough class for some, but as kinnem said, there is certainly enough time to get that C into the B range. Don't leave anything to chance, especially when you have your appointment. Good luck!