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    My thoughts this morning are with those who have holes in their lives, their families, their mental and physical health from their experiences on 9/11/01 in various locations around the country.

    As is a habit amongst a small group of us from the Navy Staff at the Pentagon, all "alumni" of that attack, we have called or emailed or texted each other early this morning with remembrances of shipmates and co-workers who perished that day. No one hides the tears that flow, including now-admirals. It was a horrific, brutal, violent morning on a warm, sunny day, the air redolent with burning avgas and hazed with dust and debris from the smoking face of the Pentagon and the dark jagged vee cutting deep into the ring of corridors.

    I recognize this event in our history recedes farther back in our memory each year, but I hope we ... Never forget.
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    The very patriotic Steeler Nation remembers 9/11 very well... I've seen multitudes of flags waving, lots of prayer circles this week.

    What a horrendous day, filled with anguish and unbelievable courage.
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    I'll never forget. While I wasn't at one of the sites when it happened like you Capt MJ it hit very close to home for me. I grew up in the Bronx and being in the Air Force I've had the opportunity to go TDY to the Pentagon a couple of times many moons ago.

    Also just this past weekend I stopped at the 9/11 Memorial at the AFA just to touch it and pay my respects and my son said out of nowhere "It's one of the reasons I'm here." He was 5 at the time and realized after he said it that the moment in time was so powerful that it defined a part of who he is today even at that early of an age.

    I'll never forget.
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    Flags in town are all Half Mast. I remember that day. Such a beautiful morning and a horrible day. Never Forget!

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