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Nov 29, 2016
If you'd like my background information, please refer to my other threads.

Today, I got the TWE, but I have quickly made the decision to reapply. My BGO told me I was a nomination away from getting straight in, so it's quite disappointing in that aspect but I know there's always next year. I think it'll actually be better for me to reapply since my ACL will be cleared by then and I'll be able to validate some courses through college (those scholarships are going to keep me busy). I just wanted to thank everyone on here for making the long wait feel just a bit shorter and for giving me the knudge on the shoulder that I needed when I felt hopeless. It's nice to meet and talk to parents, students, moderators, and reapplicants who know exactly what I'm going through when my classmates don't. I'm still waiting on USMA, but due to my low slot I doubt I'll get in, so I'm planning for my state college. I sincerely thank my friends, family, guidance counselor, teachers, and you all on SAF for tolerating my high level of stress and anxiety through this process. I will continue to use SAF throughout next year too and keep in touch with you all. My BGO and I are planning to keep in touch, and we are planning for reapplication. I've definitely matured and grown throughout the application process, so I'm looking forward to next year, especially because everything will be familiar. If you got into USNA 2021, NAPS, or Foundations, a sincere congratulations to you. Just make sure not to pack too much on I-Day, and bring a nice smile for your detailers ;)

As the terminator says, "I'll be back."

**(Also, if anyone knows how I can change my username, please let me know)
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My BGO told me I was a nomination away from getting straight in, so it's quite disappointing in that aspect but I know there's always next year. I

I don't want to chill your optimism ...but nobody really knows what keeps any candidate out. I don't know your story or qualifications, but even a nomination and 3Q isn't a a guarantee of appointment if there is a competitive nomination. Admissions has to chose which qualified candidate to give the Appointment to. Keep in mind, the competition changes every year.

That being said ..by all means, reapply ! A significant portion of every class is a reapplicant. Read the Sticky at the top of the Forum , which has some good advice. Don't rush to complete the application before the end of the summer as there is no benefit to simply repeating what you had in your application this year. Admissions is not going to look at you until completion of the first semester of college anyway, so use the time to demonstrate success at the college level, and write about how you have grown in your personal statements.

Good luck !
@Old Navy BGO My BGO told me that's what Admissions said when he talked to them, but I definitely can't pinpoint every little reason, though I'm sure my injury played a big part as well. Thank you so much for the advice! I had no idea about first semester. If anyone else has more tips, please let me know or PM.