A bit of Airport Advice


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Jul 17, 2006
Coming from NOVA, flying up for a overnight visit, which airport should we use?

TF Green is 53 minutes is there something closer?

I also trying to figure out if I should go to get himthere, the program starts a 11am to many things can go wrong!
Providence is the closest airport. You may be better off driving him up the night before, staying locally a couple nights then driving him home. He would have to take a taxi from Providence to the Academy($100) so the overall costs would probably balance out. Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck to your son.
Another possibility...AMTRAK trains go directly to New London and they stop in Fairfax VA I believe. Downside is it takes about 7 hours. Driving is probably still your best bet.
Thanks for the info...Boss

Son and I have talked it over, the cost of gas and my back can't handle 14 hours in the car. So we will both fly up saw some flights for 49 each way. It cost $55 to gas up the beast and it would be 3 tanks up and 3 tanks back. Maybe we will go to RI on Saturday, visit our old house in Portsmouth and a college too-- Olin in MA or maybe Brown they both keep sending info.:wink: