A Captain's Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS, and Dangerous Days at Sea

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    Just interested to see what everyone thinks of the new book by Richard Phillips. I had mixed feelings when I read it, partly because my son is headed to the gulf as we speak. The book is a great read, and especially scary when the pirates take the author hostage. I felt like I was on the boat with them. God bless the navy SEALS and all our servicemen and women!
    I really wish he had said a little less about the hazing at the old Mass Maritime and more about the academy training. And there is a reference to the "federal academy" once and a mention of "Acta Non Verba", but nothing about the setup of the merchant marine or a history.
    Granted, this is a book about his heroics, but I wish I the author had used this opportunity to give the public a seldom-seen view of what our kids go through and why there is a need for the academies.
    On the plus side, this book really gives a glimpse into the shipboard life, warts and all. Prospective mids' parents may not want to read it! :shake:

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