A Couple DoDMERB Questions

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by kluckock, May 3, 2015.

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    Hello All-
    I was QNS to USMA for the fall; however, I have received a three year ROTC scholarship from the Army. I am now going to Oklahoma State in the fall.

    1) Do I have to be reevaluated by DoDMERB and take the physical again, I just did it in October.
    2) I got a waiver for mild VCD from USMA, will I need a waiver again?
    3) In January, I broke my right ring finger on the joint and dislocated it. I had surgery and three screws put in place. I am expected to be completely healed soon. How will the waiver process for that work?
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    DiDMERB exams are valid for 2 years. You should be good to go....except for your finger since that is a new issue.

    I wouldn't freak on that aspect. Just tell them now since your medical history has changed and if you are correct it has no impact at all.

    Not telling them is basically hiding it by omission.

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