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    So I know you need to be "triple qualified" (academically,physically,medically). Here are the problems i've encountered:

    Academically: I am in top 4% of class of 672, all Honors/AP courses taken all 4 years, SAT: 610 math, 660 CR, involved in numerous clubs w/ leadership positions and play varsity soccer/ run varsity track. That said, after some research and visiting the USNA I have found that it is the Navy's stated goal to have 60% of their officer core in place as a "technical force" i.e. engineers and hard sciences people. I'm good at physics and calculus and such, but they are not classes I like so I didn't take them. Can I get in with my interest in Political Science?

    Physically: As stated I'm a varsity athlete. I am also a black belt in taekwondo. Unfortunately my sports/activities don't require a high level of upper body strength so the CFA worries me. I feel confident about the sit-ups, the basketball throw, the shuttle run, and I can destroy the mile run, but the pull ups and push ups are a problem. I can do probably 7-8 pull ups and maybe 50 some push ups in the 2 minutes. My dilemma right now is, is this good enough because finding time to increase my upper body strength is a problem right now, but I want to get the CFA in asap.

    Medically: By far the most frustrating part of my application. I am in great shape and have no limitations to what I can do medically, but I was disqualified for some past problems which have been corrected. Now I am hoping for a waiver, but I have no idea when I might hear anything from anyone.

    So thats my experience so far, I'd really appreciate any insight about my situations:biggrin:

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