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    My son has been asked to play for one of the NCAA teams at AF. The coach has notified him that he will be sending him a practice schedule and all sorts of other bits of information. He loves that sport but his true love is football. We just sent the football coaches film and some newspaper clipping stating he is rated as one of best player in our state, and that he made 1st Team All-State. We hope this gets the coach's attention but if not, he plans to walk-on. He is the type of kid that any coach will want. He is tough, strong, smart, and very coachable. He may not be as fast as they like at that level, but he loves the sport and would compete as best he could. From what I have seen on the football website, they do not recruit in our state. I am pretty sure he will not make the Varsity as a 1st year player, heck, I just hope he makes the team.

    The question I have is, what do the guys that don't suit Varsity do on a football home game weekend? Can they tailgate? Can they hang out with their families? What type of free time do the cadets get during the football season? Do they march out as a unit like Navy? What is a football weekend like?

    He has not made up his mind yet, between USAFA, Navy, and Coast Guard. He loves something about all three. The irony is that Army has actively recruited him. He has no interest in West Point. He wants to fly fixxed wing.

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