A few questions from an Enlisted Airman.

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    First and foremost, I am very interested in applying for the Air Force Academy through the enlisted LEAD program. I've already began the process of applying by getting in contact with an ALO and I'm going to fill out the online application/PCQ once my high school transcripts arrive (this week). If anyone was interested in brief background:

    -Currently stationed at Peterson AFB (right down the road from the Academy)... already visited the academy grounds twice and I love it!
    -Have a little over a year of TIS.

    I'll list a couple of questions below and hopefully they can be answered (I'll pitch the questions to my ALO as well, because asking the same questions in more than one place can't hurt, right?). Thank you in advance!

    1) Do enlisted Airman still need to fill out the USAFA form 147 and 148?

    2) Should I get in contact with my high school counselor/teachers for letters of recommendation or should I just seek them from my immediate chain of command?

    3) As far as military accomplishments, should I only submit those to my commander or would the academy be interested in seeing those as well? Some of my accomplishments include: Airman of the month out of 2500 in tech school, airman leader of a squadron drill team, over 150 volunteer hours, and top graduate in my tech school course.

    4) In regards to ECs, in high school I never received a varsity letter in a sport, but I participated in track/cross country for 3 years and a robotics club for 1. Understandably, not having a varsity letter in a sport/lack of leadership in high school is detrimental to the overall package. Should I include that participation in the form 147 (if I have to fill one out)? Honestly, I've accomplished more as far as ECs go in my last year of military service than I did in my 4 years of high school (honest opinion). I'm in a mental conundrum right now, haha.

    5) As far as sending my SAT scores, should I send them electronically through college board's website?

    I'll likely have more questions down the road, but those are what I came up with after reading the material on the academy admissions website. Once again, thanks in advance for answering! I know you guys probably don't get a lot of questions geared towards airman so I understand if these may be difficult to answer! :smile:

    Also, I apologize for the wall of text!
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