A former Falcon Scholarship recipient


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Jul 16, 2015
Hello guys,
Ive searched all of the internet to try to find someone that was in my situation but here goes.

I applied to AFA in 2016 to get into the class of 2020, I got denied but was offered a falcon scholarship. I picked New Mexico Military Institute as the school I wanted to prep at but I made a really stupid choice; I got homesick. Nothing else. I literally just got homesick and 5 days into the prep school, I quit and went back home to just go to the local university. The worst part was that as soon as I got back home I felt regret everyday since. I was so immature and so stupid... anyways, I explained this through my essays. With this, I ended up trying to finish my application(class of 2021) but I ended up getting denied. I'm just about finished with my 3rd application(class of 2022) and I was just wondering if there is honestly even a chance that I'm going to get the scholarship back or even prep. Also if there was maybe someone who had to go through something similar, and could give me some general advice.
So far, my ALO has said a possible option would be to enlist and maybe get in through the LEAD program. The person at my AFROTC detachment(who graduated from the academy) has said that she honestly believes that I probably wont get it again. I also contacted my Admissions counselor for the academy, and she has said that last year, what got me denied was I just had to explain myself more, and thats what it came down to. For some reason, I feel like it maybe deeper than just an explanation. Maybe the Academy thinks I will just get homesick and quit again? I just need maybe some advice and maybe some pointers. The past two times I got a congressional nomination and interviews for the nominations this year are about a month away.

some of my stats/extra circulars are below.

In college:
Major:Biology(currently in the 1st semester of my sophomore year)
GPA:3.9(Deans honor list so far)
Had a job(~15 hrs a wk)
Volunteering at a Hospital(~10hrs a wk)
Volunteering at an Autism Center(once or twice a month)
(I was unable to go to AFROTC in college because I was fully loaded with pre-req classes for my major and money was hard to come by, so my parents only allowed me to only take classes I needed)

In High School
salutatorian( 4.78w gpa/3.97 uw gpa)
3 Years of AJROTC(was on multiple drill teams, a cadet captain, PT team captain, company commander, and a bunch of other stuff)
2 years of football(no varsity letter because i focused on ajrotc)
SAT:610r 680m
ACT:27? (I think this was my score, I haven't checked)

basketball throw:80
pull ups:12
push ups:60
sit ups:84
shuttle run:9.00
1mile run:6:42
I really don’t have anything to backup what I am saying and could be 100% wrong , but I would imagine once you pulled out of your Falcon scholarship that you basically blew it. I mean they give you one chance and basically your turned it down . Having said that I have read about people who pull out of the academies and are able to return . What I am confused about is your inability to do Afrotc. Based on your grades i have to imagine you would receive a scholarship assuming biology major qualifies. Additionally, why would taking Afrotc classes cost you extra money and why do your parents need to approve what classes u are taking . In anycase good luck. Are u willing to get through your junoir year and then have to do another 4 years if U get accepted
Your stats and applications are competitive but your commitment to the service is the issue. Honestly, I think that ship has sailed on you getting an appointment. You taking one of the 50 slots and then dropping out a week into the program showed a lack of commitment. I am not sure an essay will overcome your actions. Your best option would be to complete your AFROTC and gain a commission that way. You have already completed three years of college and starting over at the academy may not be the best solution.
Another example of how great it would be if wisdom came with youth. I'm sure you will be very successful in whatever you chose to do. Unfortunately, we must live by the choices we make. You certainly are free to re-apply. My advice is to simply keep a positive attitude, stop beating yourself up and do what you need to do to reach your ultimate goal. If I were on the admissions committee I would not be inclined to give second chances in such circumstances as yours with so many qualified candidates seeking their first opportunity and having limited positions to fill. Of course, I'm not. I wish you all the best.
I’m a 4 degree who applied class of 2020 denied, self preped and now in 2021 (no doubt no fear). I have a friend who self prepped with me who denied a falcon scholarship and then self prepped and then came here with me. Then again, he just denied the scholarship. He didn’t go and then quit midway through. Similar situation but yours seems to but a bit more dire.
Very few people here have any insight on the effects of your history on your future application. We can all just speculate. All you can do is give it your best effort, and if you are truly committed to serving, be sure you can demonstrate your commitment and what actions you’ve taken to improve yourself and be ready. Practice interviewing. You need to practice talking through your story: your decisions, your reasons, what you learned, how you’ve grown, new goals, what you have done to reach then, etc.

I’m not sure how SAT/ACT score play into college applicants score, but you still have time to retake to try to bump up your scores just a bit. Can’t hurt.

And why not apply for the AFROTC scholarship? If your goal is to serve that’s a great way to do it without starting over. Good luck to you!