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Sep 21, 2007
Hmmm...... Here is something interesting about my application process to the CGA. I sent in my stuff a while ago, and while waiting, I get an e-mail from the track coach(Dan Rose). Although one would think that this may be a general thing from the CGA, since I checked off that I was interested in continuing Track, it seems to say to me a little more than intended. Here is what the letter said:
"Dear Ryan,
Your name was forwarded to me as a potential recruit for Track and Field here at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy yet I do not have enough information regarding your event/s and your best performances in those events. If you are serious about competing in track at the collegiate level, please fill out and return the track questionnaire below. This will help me evaluate your potential to compete here at CGA.

The overall question that come to me is the words “potential recruit” and “forwarded.” After all, would a service academy ask someone about their track record if they did not meet their standards from the rest of the application. If they are looking at my application, they would only forward my name if I met their requirements(although not necessary saying that I'm in). Unless this is all a computerized thing to pass names around. This is what is bothering me, besides waiting for the answer from them. Overall though, I could be totally off about my idea here. But hey, what do you expect from someone with high hopes. I just wish Dec. 15 would come soon though(date of acceptance), waiting is just a pain of uncertainty. Anyone have any thoughts about all of this, maybe some insight if this is a computerized thing or a hopeful sign? (come to think of it though, Salesianum ((my high school)) never did record any of my track times, and any that were from the county were only from one meet(((no idea what happened to the rest)))). Anyone else running, is running, ran track? Any insiders to the CGA who know anything about this?
I just wish Dec. 15 would come soon though(date of acceptance), waiting is just a pain of uncertainty.

Sports questionnaires are sent out to everyone who checks the appropriate box on the preliminary application.

However, I understand that they are usually just sent through the US Mail. I would consider an email from the coach as an encouraging sign. :thumb:

Oh, and not to add to your impatient anxiety...........

Key Dates

......but add 9 days to your waiting, Early Action decisions won't be out until December 24th this year. :wink:
the only thing is, i'm not too great of a runner(i could be, but as my luck has it school work is before running) I'm good, but compared to my team, i'm in the high middle (sallies has won almost every state championship in xc and track in the last 30 years or so) Course, this year i'm near the top, which dosn't say too much.... hoping to get team captain this year for the sprinters.... the good news is that the second semester for me is a bit easier(my intro to law and religion course are easy for me) so that and a few open periods i can really focus on running again... I get so darn.... eager.... to run after i havent in a long while... I'm thinking of going to just train for a 400m, nothing else, since it seems to be what i'm good at.... I figure I should break it down to 55s to 54s this year.... i got 4 seconds off last year from 62 to 58s and 3s before that, so i have potential. I'm just rambling off here, but I also wonder if it helps to have an old graduate from Salesianum(my high school) to be a teacher at the CGA (teaches negotiating or something... humanities/i can't remember.. Sean ....) there was a thing a bit ago in my school newspaper)
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Return the questionairre if you are at all interested in running track. The Service Academies consider your potential in addition to your past record. Work hard to better your stats during the rest of your senior year. I wish you Good Luck!!
If Dan Rose is really interested in having you on the track team, he will actually send you a letter stating that he will contact the admissions staff and refer your name as an asset to the academy. But he really doesn’t much more sway with admissions then that. I know that coaches at New London have some sort of access to your admission files and they have a pretty good idea if you are a good fit for the academy or not. As far as worrying about being a blue chip athlete, don't worry. Most of the athletes at the NCAA D3 level at any D3 top college will have a team roster made up with students with excellent academic credentials. How do you think most D3 colleges get away with the NCAA no sports recruiting clause, they give academic scholarships to smart athletes. Don’t get me wrong though, every now and then the academy picks up a Blue Chip or state rank top player that’s why they always have been competitive in most sport divisions Coast Guard plays in. What you do have to show to Coach Rose is good athletic potential, be sure to fill out the track form thoroughly.
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A couple of things...first don't be discouraged if you don't get accepted in the early action cycle...not many are and you could become an "alternate," many of whom are accepted later on. That was what happened to my son.

Getting the email from the coach is a good first step. They can help you with your application. My son had sent his stats to Coach Rose and Coach George and although he ended up in another sport, I am sure their interest helped along the way.

Academics and leadership are still the most important thing. Almost everyone at CGA ends up playing one sport or other. It's all part of the package. Good luck!:thumb:
Dan Rose is a pretty fair guy. There is outdoor and indoor track. I did indoor track my 3/c year (soph.). I wasn't good, but I was on the team. It cut into hockey, so that was that, a year later it was back to the ice for me. You may not run/jump every meet, but you'll get your chance plenty of times. The work outs for the sport are good too. No matter what your event is, you'll be pumping out 100m, 200m and 400m until you lose that great lunch they served in the wardroom four hours earlier.
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that already happened a few days ago at salesianum track practice, poor freshmen didn't know not to eat french toast before running 500m sets:barf: I don't think I woud have too much of a problem with track(besides the other stuff) if I got into the CGA, sallies has been a long time state champ in xc, winter, and spring track(although maybe not this year) almost strait the last 30 years...We also just tied national history for high schools for a two fall triple crowns in a row, so that may give an idea on how tough the running is...
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Don't make too much out of it. You checked the block and the coach would like to know what numbers you have posted. If they are pretty good he could probably find something at www.milesplit.us

But who has time? So he's asked you to fill out the questionnaire.

If he does like your times then it's one more voice on your side in the admissions process.

It's so easy to assess performance in track and field. It's all about times, distances, and heights. Nothing subjective. :wink: