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Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by Quertillia, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Hello. I'm interested in becoming a pilot, intelligence officer, or engineer for the Air Force, and I was wondering if with any of these careers I would be able to interact with locals at the country where I'd be stationed? What jobs are best if you want to get a good idea of what the country you're working in is like and want to work with people?
    And just so you know, becoming a nurse or doctor is not something I'm interested in doing.
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    Well I know that virtually most engineers stay in the U.S. according to a cousin's friend of mine who is a pilot in the Air Force.
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    Well, it depends...
    Intel can do a lot of work outside the wire, but HUMINT is not something AF intel has really been doing until recently. Most intel jobs are analyzing information from an office, then presenting it to someone else.

    Engineers--it really depends on the type. Civil engineers are doing a lot of construction in places like Afghanistan. If you are an astronautical engineer...not so much.

    Pilots usually are not the types that go outside the wire. Their job really doesn't require it, in most cases.

    There are exceptions in each case, of course.

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