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Mar 26, 2017
Hello all, I am still waiting to know of my status of appointment from WP and was wondering if anyone knows of a last date when I will be notified. I saw something of May 1st, however won't more slots open up since that is the last date to accept appointment for most? The wait is killer.
There is no last date. People have been notified merely days before Beast that they've been appointed. Keep faith.
Good Morning, you should hear something on or before the 1st of May. If you are senior and you still do not know if you are appointed or not appointed then I recommend that you look seriously at your current hand of acceptances and pick the one that you like the best--where you can really see yourself going to college next year--and send your deposit. Your civilian college/other college deadline is 1 May. You do not have time to wait. Will you lose your deposit if you get into West Point? Probably, but you cannot know what is going to happen with getting an appointment.

If you read through the USMA appointment thread. You can see that there were a number of candidates who received appointments on Saturday (the physical BFEs were mailed on Thursday and the portals updated on Saturday). This leads us to conclude that the RCs and the Admissions Committee are still very hard at work building the Class of 2021.

However, you do not want to wait on West Point and miss a great opportunity elsewhere. So please, talk to your parents, think about where you would be happy and successful attending college or starting college while you re-apply for next year, and send your acceptance and deposit to that school before the 1 May deadline. It will be the best $300 that you spend--and in my mama's kind heart, I sincerely hope that you lose that money when you appointment arrives in the mail on 30th of April or the 1st of May--because if it comes earlier, you will have time to send an email requesting the return of your deposit. (I don't wish that you are called on the 2nd of July--because who would wish that sort of anxiety on anyone--but if you received that call--then Go For It--but you cannot make a plan around that.)
Appointees have until May 1 to accept. So there will be some slots offered after May 1 based on how many decline. And a few others even after June 1 if any appointees are DQ'd for injury, academics, or civilian disciplinary [ie Law Enforcement] issues. Unfortunate but it happens.

Only drop dead date is July 2 !!