Academic rescindment


Mar 5, 2018
Hi, I recently got my appointment to USNA. I am also somewhat struggling in my AP Statistics class this semester. I’ve never gotten a C for a semester grade, but probably will end the year with a C in this class. Will this be enough to get my appointment rescinded? A’s and B’s in all other classes.
Yah don't worry. Real math lovers don't seem to do well in Stats. It's different math. If you like working with numbers and formula, this isn't it. Even folks in business are not real fond of Stats even though data and stats are used a lot. It's not true math, it's more social science data science.
Real math is elegant, beautiful and flows from subject to subject with consistency and grace. Stats are three card monte.

(Sorry, my math major roots are showing again.)

Couldn’t agree more:). Guess all Math lovers look at things alike:)