Academy Odds

Braeden - you are getting a lot of advice. Take it all with a grain of salt.

You might consider purchasing the Candidate Handbook for USAFA. It will walk you through the process. Look at archived threads on this forum and especially search for the ones with Academy Class stats. It will give you the median of recent classes. Use this as a goals barometer for the classes.

Take the ACT/SAT multiple times until you post a score you think is above the median score.

The old saying "Jack of all trades, master of none". The spaghetti approach of throwing everyone against the wall to see if something sticks isn't favored by the academies. They want to see your ability to lead. They would rather see you in sport and activity where you made a difference than in 20 where you simply participated.

The SAs are looking for the best all-around candidates in the applicant pool. They want students who pushed themselves so doing well with a strenuous course load while leading a team and giving back to the community is more favored than posting a 4.25, lettering in 4 sports and participating in 5 community events.

Do not forget language requirements and step up and take as many STEM classes as possible.

Consider Civil Air Patrol or JrROTC or Boy Scouts to see if you like the structure. Consider applying your Jr. year for Summer Seminar programs at one or more SAs. These are opportunities to see if the SA is really for you.
Good luck, Braeden. I think you've received some very useful advice here. I admire your mature responses, too. Our son is where you are now several years ago. He is now class of 2020 at USAFA.
Since you are a sophomore get into the Civil Air Patrol or JRTOC.