Academy paperwork and HMO's


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Jun 9, 2006
This is me dealing with my HMO for my son’s required polio immunization, TB test and blood tests (for blood type and varicella titer). Anybody else having the doctor’s office questioning the necessity of these over and over? I keep telling them that he MUST have this done before he can report and they keep acting like I am requesting this stuff just for the “fun” of it. I am paying for the tests so I wish they would just do it and shut up.

Next week we get to have fun with the dental form and x-rays. I found out yesterday that our dentist office doesn’t do panographic x-rays so he will have to be referred elsewhere for that. Can’t wait to see what this is going to cost me! At least the dentist office didn’t question the necessity of our request.

I am so looking forward to this stuff being completed.
If you're having trouble with the Doc's office (I can't understand why but that's not your fault) your public health office might be able to do some of it. A lot of doctor's offices don't have certain vaccinations so it's sometimes necessary to go somewhere else.
My son went to the local blood donor facility for their $5.00 blood typing test.
Things went a little smoother for my son when we talked directly to his doctor's nurse and bypassed the front desk folks who were NOT helpful. Good luck, your candidate still has plenty of time to get it done! :)
What a pain!!!

When the boy came back from the doctors office, he had only half of his medical registration and immunization filled out. Looking at what he needed I thought getting Hepatitis A dose's would be a
breeze... I think it would of been easier going to Juarez Mexico to get the boys prescription filled. He also was told to go a blood drive and get the blood type analysis done for free...if they done the test and sent it away he would have the results by now. Seems as if nobody wants to do anything out of the norm these days.
Why can't they march all the recruits down to the dispensary on R, I or whatever Day and get the whole class inoculated at one time whether they need it or not. Heck, the scars from the battery of Air Injection Shots (anyone remember those) disappear from your upper arms after 35 years or so.

ie: Not to change subject or anything, but does any of you moms out there have any tips on uniform measurements? Back when we were younger every other household had someone who knew how to measure for suits (uniforms) todays Kohl's Age theres no need for that skill anymore.
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It took our son three trips to the docs office and two calls to the Academy to get our doc to give him an adult polio shot. The doc wouldn't give it to him because he's not 18 ( three weeks shy). Doc also skipped a couple other immunizations because he didn't see the need, yet didn't inform the wife that he didn't give it, he just didn't complete the form. It wasn't until one of the nurses familiar with the Academy process got involved that all shots were completed and paperwork finished.

As far as uniform measurements, the Wife took our son to Macy's suit department for a graduation suit. While she was there, she mentioned the need for uniform measurements to the suit guy there, and he told her to bring the forms in, and he did everything for free. Great customer service!
How I felt at various times while my son was getting the immunization form completed:

:rant2: :director: :scratch: :help:

How I felt when the form was mailed:


My advice? Discuss all required vaccines with the nurse (or doctor) before you go in case they do not have them. Fax or take the form over to them before your appointment if possible.

Go in with your candidate so that there are two sets of ears hearing what they say about the tests and shots and two sets of eyes looking at the form to be sure all parts are completed before you leave.

About the measurements:

My son was professionally measured, too, at the men's store where he buys his "nice" clothes. I have the peace of mind knowing that he cannot blame me if he gets high water pants on R-Day! (The instructions were pretty plain about how to measure, though).
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wow - D isn't 18 either and I understood the Academy would give her that adult Polio in November when she is 18 so she didn't get it. Maybe it has something to do with when they turn 18? Does he turn 18 during BCT?
I hate to say this, but our job of assembling all the records went as smooth as silk. Maybe it has something to do with our pediatrician being very proud of her patients who go to service academies. She goes the extra mile to help. :smile:

As for the dental x-rays, I am no dentist but even I can see a wisdom tooth coming in at a 45 degree angle. There are some painful days coming in June for my son! :frown:
2011's Mom,
Our son will be 18 the beginning of June. The Academy did say that he could just get the immunization at the Academy, but they also said that the doc had the discretion to give it to him a little early, since he would be 18 for I-day. Son wanted to get everything done ahead of time to cut down on headaches on I-day. Son was the driving force behind getting it done, and I am glad he completed the job. He is a bit stubborn at times.....I think that's a trait of Academy kids :biggrin:

An update -
HMO is going to give my son the polio immunization (he is 19 so no age issue there), the TB test, blood typing and varicella titer. I ONLY had to explain the situation to 5 different people before we got everybody on the same page…GEEZ! :rolleyes:

I think there are two reasons this was such a headache. One was that we are not dealing with the doctor my son has had for years, he retired recently. The second is that HMO’s are huge bureaucratic entities that don’t see you as an individual that may have unique needs. If you don’t fit in the cookie cutter services they provide you get this hassle.

Good suggestion about donating blood to get his blood type. Unfortunately the blood banks here disqualify you if you have lived in Europe for 6 months or more since 1980. My son was born in Germany and lived there until he was almost two, so at this time, he cannot donate blood. This also disqualifies my husband and me. I was told they hope to lift this restriction sometime in the future. Apparently they think we could have been exposed to mad cow disease - how comforting.

Regarding measurements, I did them and I hope I got them right!
which vaccinations are req'd

posted this at dodmerb and was wondering which shots were required as we could get some out of the way that may have been missed

also which dental stuff?
At this point I would just make sure he is caught up with his regular shots... some of these immunizations are in short supply (Menactra) and pediatricians are reserving them for kids who need them now for school.
That being said - I would start in early winter since some also require boosters at 6 months - like Hep A. But it is also my understanding that boosters will be given at the academies.

Dental - good idea the next time he is in for his regular cleaning ask the dentist to take panoramic xrays - the dentist can then tell if the wisdom teeth are "ripe" and ready to come out. The longer you wait the more complicated the extraction.
Here's a tip. google immunization clinic + name of your city; you will get hits on federally funded clinics in your area. go in, fill in paperwork get shots for about $15 a pop. our S got three in the last month - he loves us for it!
Went to our primary care; he sent us to our public health clinic; called @ 4:40 p.m.; said to come in the next a.m. @ 8 a.m.; they gave him all but the TB test on the spot, which he went back to his doc and got at 8:20. Took about a half hour all total. Guess we are pretty fortunate. Thank God for small town docs and public servants. Emphasis on "servant'.