Acceptance of Class-1 AFROTC Scholarship -> Increase in acceptance chance to USAFA?

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by BrianReed, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Feb 27, 2011
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    Dear forum,

    I received a letter from AFROTC this morning confirming that I received a Class-1 AFROTC scholarship in aeronautical engineering - yay!

    ...but having participated in USAFA Summer Seminar 2010, I feel that no other colleges/universities come even close to the amazingness of what the Academy offers.

    Then I had a thought: from research and sleuthing on the internet, I discovered that roughly 2000 out of 10,000 or so applicants recieve AFROTC Scholarships, where a mere 5% recieve a full, non-capped 4-year scholarship.

    In addition, at the very bottom of the online application for USAFA, the fine print reads as follows:

    AUTHORITY: 10 USC 9346 AND EO 9397.
    PURPOSE: To select appointees to the USAF Academy and other Air Force accession programs.
    RELEASE AUTHORIZATION: Submission of the requested information constitutes authorization to release it to appropriate Members of Congress/The Falcon Foundation/Air Force Academy Preparatory School/Air Force ROTC and other Air Force accession programs.
    DISCLOSURE IS VOLUNTARY: Failure to provide information could preclude appointment. Social Security Number is used for positive identification.

    ...which I interpreted to mean that all of the forms and information that I submitted to USAFA could have been (and perhaps has been) used when taking into consideration for my application for ROTC.

    My question, therefore, is will having received an AFROTC Scholarship help me in any way in receiving an appointment from USAFA?
  2. cgchris99

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    Nov 18, 2010
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    I asked our DS's LOA this question a couple of weeks ago. The ROTC scholarships are completely separate and have nothing to do with the Academy. I do understand that they are offering less ROTC scholarships this year too.
  3. Pima

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    Congrats on the scholarship!

    However, as cgchriss99 stated the AFROTC scholarship selection and AFA are two different birds.

    AFROTC is done on a nationalistic approach out of Maxwell. AFA is geographically centric (MOC) out of CSprings.

    AFA and AFROTC do not talk. There are many applicants that get a scholarship and never apply to both.

    I know you want insight and are looking for every breadcrumb to follow, but this is not one.

    At this point rejoice in your scholarship, because at least you have plan B.
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    No sense on reiterating that was already properly said. I will say however, that the only thing the ROTC and USAFA application has in common, is usually the AOL who is handling your USAFA application, "Many Times" also does your ROTC application. That's how it's done here in Wyoming. UNLESS you are applying to the ROTC at our In-State University. Then the ROTC Detachment at our University will interview applicants personally if possible. Other than the AOL who may be involved in both applications, ROTC and USAFA are two totally different things. Mike.....

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