Acceptance to 2017 SS - fairly low SAT and average GPA


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Feb 7, 2017
My son was a recently sent a acceptance email for this summer Summer Seminar 2017. He was offered two class dates. He picked the first one. His GPA is 3.4 unweighted. His first stab at the SAT in December? or November? was in the 1100's. He is currently taking a prep course on the SAT which I believe will help improve his scores. What factors might have impacted his acceptance? National Athlete, All American in a Collegiate Division One (1) Sport. Grades are important, but not everything.
If you read the other threads about Summer Seminar acceptance and rejections, you will see some with stellar stats rejected and others retained. It is more than stats, alot of it has to do with location. It is a recruiting tool for USAFA (USNA is similar in this). They look for areas that are under represented from an admissions stand point. None of know why he was accepted. Bottom line, doesn't really matter. Go, have fun and see if a SA is the right place for him. Look at the USAFA admissions page, this website and the USAFA class profiles to get an idea of stats and characteristics for those who are appointed.
Whether your child is accepted, or not, does not seem to matter at all in Academy acceptances. If your child is accepted, great! have a blast! If not, keep plugging (boys state? take college courses? mountaineering?), and start thinking about your admissions application for the "real thing."

Only one of my sons' friends went to SS, and he was not appointed to USAFA.