Accepted appointment - Question

Aug 3, 2022
I was fully cleared by DODMERB with no issues in health. Since then, I got mono. I am fully healed as of right now and my doctor said all my organs seem fine and not enlarged, however, just due to standard precautions my doctor is fully clearing me to return to all physical activity, etc starting May 1.
I’m worried if this will effect me in any way after already accepting my appointment and being extremely ready and excited for reporting day this July.
First of all my congratulations! My class motto (1965) is "Not just four years...but a lifetime." That is the journey ahead of you!

If your doctor " fully clearing me to return to all physical activity, etc starting May 1" then I would not be concerned. May 1st is just around the corner so keep after the physical requirements as best you can; follow the doctor's advice should you experience fatigue. You might want to go to Logging In Class of 2025 and look at pages 28-39. You likely will get your 2027 specific version of the document in short order, but this will help for now.

By the way, in 1961 I came down with mono while at the Academy and missed a good portion of the 1st quarter. Two professors arranged for me to take all my finals except for the naval/nautical science classes (I was Engine, not Deck). If I passed I could remain, if I failed I would be set back to class of 1966. I easily passed the English, chemistry, math, physics and other technical classes due to a very good high school education. 2nd quarter I was paired with "deckies". They really aren't all that bad! I may be the only KP Engineer that could (notice past tense) determine position by a technique called running with the sun.