Accepted to the Citadel.

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Aug 18, 2008
Hey everyone,

I walked into my house about an hour and a half ago. Still under the impression that I still had roughly around a week to go before the college letters reach my mailbox, I casually strolled in when my dad told me I had a package from the Citadel in my chair. I rushed to my room and too my surprise there was an unopened envelope there with my name addressed on it. I opened it up nervously and like a normal teenager skipped to the third paragraph and slowly worked my way up when I saw the phrase: "Congratulations on this milestone." I am under the assumption that I will receive a bit more info in about a week and I welcome it with open arms. I am still waiting for my number one choice (VMI), but never the less it feels great to have my number two locked down.

Sincerely, Rob
Congratulations! My son has been accepted to The Citadel, too.

His number one choice is the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. He is still waiting to hear from them on Regular Action. He didn't get in on Early Action. BIG disappointment there!

Be sure to send in your REFUNDABLE $300 to The Citadel to hold your spot.

My understanding is that the class of 2013 will fill up, and academic acceptance doesn't hold you a place. Send your $ and get it back if you get your number one choice of VMI.

Best wishes! Congratulations!
mwbluebeard and bigcox: thank you very much.

mwbluebeard: Do I need to wait for the medical,drug,physical papers to come in before I send in the money or should I go ahead and do it now? Just curious. I definitely don't want to get a rude awakening and find out I didn't get into VMI and then waited to long to get back to the citadel.
Hey, if you do decide to go to The Citadel, post it on here. I sent my acceptance and deposit in yesterday, so i guess I'd see you there.
SF49ers: I will definitely be in contact, seeing you and I might become classmates. I only received the letter two days ago, but actually I'm leaving my college to run to the UPS store to mail my check in about 5 minutes. I am under the impression that within a week form receiving the initial letter;I will be sent more forms from the school. I also understand that the 300$ check is to reserve my spot for the class of 2013 and is refundable if I do not matriculate there? If anyone has any info I'd greatly appreciate it.
I recall getting the additional forms soon afterwards. I don't know how long afterwards, but a week sounds about right.

To secure your spot after being academically accepted, you have to pay the $300 deposit (which is refundable until May 1st), and send in the additional paperwork.

The school's website indicates that you have to submit the medical exam forms and drug testing consent forms. The medical exam forms are due before May 1st, and drug testing consent didn't have a particular date that i could find. You will also have to submit your final transcripts (by July 1st) and your FAFSA (by the end of February).

In an e-mail that i received from the Citadel, they said this about securing your spot: "Once your enrollment deposit has been paid, you have officially taken the first step towards securing your spot within the South Carolina Corps of Cadets." I don't know at which step you will fully secure that spot, but perhaps someone else on here does.
I got an email that I was accepted and they keep bugging me to get the paperwork in. I never got the actual acceptance letter and I dont have any paperwork haha
I got into The Citadel too on academic acceptance but I'm going to wait until I hear from other Service Academies.
Thank you :)
I didn't think I would get in because its got such a reputation but I did and I'm excited. At least my back up plan is solid.
Hey Gang

Class of 2013
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Great School...Tough, rich in tradition and great history

I'll be on deck Mar. 19th for PreKnob visit

Be sure to send your check in to reserve your slot and get your medical paperwork in as well

Good luck to all