Acid Reflux Question


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Feb 21, 2023
My DD has been taking daily Omeprazole for acid reflux for about 3 years. I am not sure of her exact diagnosis. We will have an check-up with her Gastroenterologist next week and can ask more questions. She is perfectly fine with medication, and possibly without. Her doctor hasn't been in a hurry to have her stop taking it. Can this be a disqualifier? I don't know if it falls under "inflammatory bowel disorders" mentioned on the USAFA website. Anyone have experience with this?
Thank you so much! I will print these pages and take them with us when we see her doctor. Her situation does seem very mild compared to the things listed here.
Nothing to do with SA - I tried medicine for acid reflux and found that baking soda and warm water worked better. Mine is related to eating too late or eating the wrong things. (Not sure why - garlic and onions combined seem to bother me.)