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    I am preparing to undergo the DODMERB exam for USNA. I tore my ACL and meniscus my Sophomore year, and both were reconstructed/repaired on 1/20/17. I have two small screws in my knee as a result. The USNA Medical Considerations for Admissions page states: "history of anterior or posterior cruciate ligament injury, retained orthopedic devices...are disqualifying." I am under the impression that most, if not all knee ligament reconstructions require screws. If this is the norm for ACL reconstruction, will this require two waivers? I obviously have or can get all documentation that shows I am fully cleared for full activity and that the screws will not effect my knee in any negative way.
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    History of ACL repairs DQ for the USN so you'll definitely need a waiver for that one.

    "Retained orthopedic devices" is a broad term. Retained hardware like the screws in your knee can be considered an orthopedic "device", specifically an internal fixation device. My suspicion is the screws won't be DQ unless the following conditions apply (per MANMED):

    "Current retained hardware that is symptomatic, interferes with wearing protective equipment, or military uniform, and/or is subject to easy trauma
    is disqualifying. Retained hardware (including plates, pins, rods, wires, or screws used for fixation) is not disqualifying if fractures are healed, ligaments are
    stable, there is no pain, and it is not subject to easy trauma."

    So if you have no symptoms (make special note that no symptoms with change in ambient temperature and non-tender) and everything has healed nicely, you shouldn't have a problem getting a waiver for the ACL and retained hardware.

    Bring all the notes from your orthopedic surgeon, especially the operative report. Bring reports of all the MRI and x-rays done. They're going to want to see the screws are still fully in place.

    Hopefully, you played in some sports since the surgery to document all is back to normal. That will help a lot with your waiver.