ACT Question


Jan 20, 2022
If I were to submit my general application package, would I still be able to continue updating my ACT score? I am scheduled to take it again in October, and as I understand ACT is super scored, so it would better my current score. Or is it once I submit my application I can no longer add to my ACT score? Please let me know


USNA mom Bacon Lover Dog Lover
Jun 26, 2019
Did you scour the instructions? This is from the instructions for the 2026 class, '22.
**Updating Your Admissions File: It is your responsibility to inform USAFA of any changes in information even after you have submitted all required forms. This includes any honors and awards, misconduct, changes in academic status, etc. Failure to provide complete information may result in withdrawal of an offer of appointment or subsequent dismissal from USAFA. "

I would infer that 'academic status' might also include test scores. It does also state that any scores not received by January will not likely reach them in time to be considered.

If you cannot find the specific answer in your instruction booklet, best to politely email your admissions representative.