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    My ACT scores are as follows:
    English: 32
    Math: 28
    Reading: 25
    Science: 22
    Combined english/writing: 30

    I plan on taking it again; I didn't study this time around, but this next time I'll be prepared. Anyways, I have 2 questions.
    1) The application says that a 22 in science reasoning is not competitive for the academy; however, the academy only looks at the math and english sections anyways, so why does it matter? If I scored this badly in science, but did fine in english and math, then will they still consider my application? Will they just ignore the science portion altogether, or will it hurt me?
    2) I hear that the academy can make your act/sat scores interchangeable. So if I did sub-par in SAT reading, then they can substitute that score for my ACT English score. Is this correct? Something I'm confused about is which sections are interchangeable. Is it SAT reading with ACT english? Or is it SAT reading with ACT reading?

    Thank you in advance.

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    USAFA doesn't mix ACT scores with
    SAT scores. They superscore the ACT independently of the SAT. Also, they do consider all parts of the ACT or they wouldn't publish mins for each section.

    You will need to improve the math, science, and reading scores in order to them above average. As others have said, strive for 36 on each section and take the test as often as you can afford. You can pick up a Baron's, Princeton Review, or other study guide to prepare.

    Your application is much more than test scores. You also need to document leadership activities, community service, ROTC, Civil Air Patrol, athletics, scouting, employment, athletics, and grades. While you don't have to have all of these, the more you have, the better.

    Best wishes.
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    Kangaroo, I echo what Dad says, and you should also take the SAT. Some do better on the SAT than the ACT, so you should try to find the one that suits you best and then retake them as much as you can afford. You don't say whether or not you are a senior or a junior, but if you are a senior you are running out of time. Good luck!
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