ACT Scores Junior Year?

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    I'm a junior (thus the title) and I have been taking every ACT I can. How would I send my scores to the SAs? I know that you can have them send your scores to the SAs but I do not have a open app cause I'm a junior. Advice? :thumb:
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    ACT Tips

    It's great you're taking the ACT multiple times, but most statistics indicate that after 3 or 4 rounds you won't show much improvement. There are conversion tables that allow the SA's to convert ACT scores (standardize) to the SAT scale. As I'm further along in the process I can tell you the conversion table is not the same between the USCGA and the USNA.

    The Candidate Multiple at the USNA values you're math score at least twice as much as your verbal score. If you're short on prep time, favor you math.

    Both SAT and ACT will ship score to four recipients at the base price. You start to ring up a bigger bill once you add MOCs, ROTC programs, etc. I recommend you take full advantage of the free four as most schools super score. Once you've maxed out or burn out on testing, you can go back into the ACT or SAT home page, log in and send you best score out to your desired recipients...for $10 a pop.

    Good Luck!
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    USMA does not use a conversion table for ACT -> SAT or visa versa.
    The candidate is evaluated on the standardized test that they did the best on.

    As to the OPs question - once you open your file, have ACT send your scores to WP.
    WP superscores so send all test scores.

    Be sure and take the SAT also. You may be better suited for the SAT test over the ACT. Or maybe not, but you won't know unless you take it.
    Since you are evaluated on the standardized test that you did best on, it can't hurt you.
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    Run5k, (I do testing for a living) I just wanted to make a slight correction to your data on ACT score variances. You are absolutely correct in that the composite score changes very little on repeat testing. In fact, the higher your composite score (32 or above) the more likely you are to stay the same or to even go down in your composite score. The ACTs are built so that your composite score relatively stays the same over time. You can move the composite score with work, however, statistically the movement is ~1 point on a retest and half that on each subsequent retest. This is what makes a test valid and reliable.

    HOWEVER, It is important to understand that data does not reflect sub domain scores. The ACT does not believe in super scoring for this reason. Super scoring is not valid and reliable and scores do not remain consistent. And in affect the S.A.s only look at subdomain scores-not a composite score. It is really to your benefit to take the ACT tests as many times as you can stomach and afford if looking at schools that superscore (like service academies.).

    To answer dlee's question. We sent scores later after all said and done. I do not think we made the correct choice on that though as it really added up $$$ as we did not take advantage of the four free test score reports. Were we to do it over again i would follow Run5k's advice and send them all right at sign up.

    Good Luck!
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