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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Powercat92, Feb 6, 2010.

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    Hey, if anybody's out there, I have a question. I applied for the Summer Seminar Application, but I only had my PSAT scores and it said that that app can also count for the Preliminary App. Can I still do another app with my ACT score on it, and if I can, can I update my score just in case it gets higher when I take it again? Thanks...
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    this is my plan (took the ACT this morning)

    (anyone with more experience about this plz correct if im wrong)
    since it appears that the application is more merit based versus first come fisrt serve, i plan on puting my act scores once i recieve them. Until then i will simply work on the personal response on word.
    i do have psat scores, but i did better in 8th grade than 10th
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    In the recent past the NASS program uses a double application process to screen for offers to participate. The initial application online is used for a rough screen; those who pass that screen will receive another application form to complete which will be the basis for the final screen for an invitation to NASS. You will have a window of opportunity to get a set of SAT and/or ACT scores to use to boost your credentials.

    Best wishes in you efforts, but I recommend working on a Plan B as NASS is very heavily sought. Last year there were more than 6,000 applications received in the first week, and there only were 2,250 slots available. Take a look at for a sports camp that piques your interest - it will provide you an inside look at NAVY.

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