ACT, Waiver, and Civil Prep


Nov 29, 2016
Hey everyone. RC told me that English and Math on the ACT are weighted more heavily than Reading and Science. I asked if he mixed up English and Reading at first, but he said that is what he meant and since he's in Admissions I'm sure he knows what he's talking about. I am just surprised that the English/Grammar section is more heavily weighted than the Reading comprehension portion. Can anyone tell me what they know about this?

Also, what are the reasons for waiver denials? I was DQ'd for my injury but I will be cleared in March, so if I send that doctor's clearance note will there be a reason for me not to get the waiver?

I am #8 in my state nom slot currently. I was told to bring up my reading score, so I am taking the ACT next month. I am studying as hard as I can, but overcoming 7 slots is not easy. I've been recommended for Civil Prep, so I don't know if it's because I'm probably not getting in or what. Please provide insight on this.

Finally, any info. about Civil Prep would be greatly appreciated.
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For the part about the ACT I'm going to take a guess and say science doesn't really count as much as its mostly graph/table/paragraph comprehension and if you can interpret information presented in those formats in a scientific way. Math is self-explanatory in why its important. Now for the question-- I'd say that English would be weighted more as its more in depth and tests more skills than the reading portion, at least that's how it seems when I've taken it. The English portion contains topics that are relevant to the mechanics of writing and structuring good sentences. Reading kind of ties into that in that if you can write a good sentence then you can probably read and understand a good sentence, if that makes sense. Just my guess about that though.