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    Hello all. I am currently active duty navy and will be on aircraft carrier deploying soon. I am applying for USNA 2017 and was wondering if anyone has any tips or first hand experiences they could share with me on my application process.
    So far I've navigated through the process pretty well, taking the difficulties of changing commands and finishing the unique portions of it in stride. But I won't be able to complete the military recommendations or CO endorsement portions until I am at my new command later this month but am curious of how that process works. I would also like to know if anyone has any tips for me on how to go about these portions.

    Anything helps! Thank you very much.
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    I'd recommend giving the the Fleet/NAPS Admissions Counselor (normally a SCPO) a call, where you will get the best advice on how to work the endorsement. If not already asked, I would find out whether your detaching or gaining command is required to provide the endorsement, given that you may not much observation time at your new command.

    In either case, but specifically, if it ends up that your gaining command will provide the endorsement, let your hands/feet do the talking, stay extra to work on qualifications, etc. You want to show your CoC that you have a strong work ethic and that you are a team player. Though, obvious, inform your chain of command that you are applying and see if they will match you up with a USNA grad (preferbly O-2 to O-4). Also, presuming you have at least one eval, I'd expect that would be asked for.

    Best wishes and sail safe.
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