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    Hi all,

    I'm a student at JCAC (CTN A School) that's actively looking at commissioning from all sources, but Im most interested at going to USNA.
    Class just started but I'm in the top 30 percent.
    I'd say if I took the CFA tomorrow I'd score around the 'adverage' score (I'm talking passing, nothing outstanding).

    Anyways, here is the kicker.
    My HS grades kinda sucked. We're looking at Bs or Cs for STEM classes, and As or Bs for PoliSci classes.
    Most, if not all classes were AP/ Honors.
    My SAT scores were 510 math and 660 CR.
    My grades were due to a lack of effort on my part, I just didn't care.

    It's not really plausible that I could retake the SAT here, all my days consist of studying for my rate.

    What should I be doing to further my chances of getting in, and what would a road-map for acceptance look like?
    (And before you ask, I have read almost all of USNA's website, and some stuff off of sites like NKO).

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    1. Let your chain of command know of your interest, if you haven't already.
    2. There is a Chief in the Admissions office (hence why I say let your chain of command know of your interest) and he is probably the best person to talk to/with (you should be doing the calling/talking, even if your Chief insists that they should). A handful of enlisted are directly appointed or are offered NAPS from Nuke Power School, so being in a training command isn't necessarily a problem. The Chief can probably help you with regards to your SAT/ACT question.
    3. From a performance perspective, and this should be obvious, but excel in everything you do....PRT, classes, squared away, always early to mandatory events, etc. Since you are at a training command there are a limited ways to show the chain of command that you are a front runner.

    Best of luck!
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