ADHD One Year Date


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Jul 20, 2006
Hello all,

I see various references to ADHD and the need to be off meds and accomodations for one year.

I haven't seen what the "one year" starts from? Is it the date of admission? Date of application? Sorry if I don't have all the correct terminology, but you probably get the drift of the question.

My son is a rising sophomore.

The one year date starts when medications are discontinued, or the accommodations are discontinued. The applicant needs to maintain (of course increasing is always better) the grades that were obtained while on medications or receiving accommodations.
I remain confused. Is the one year from the application date? The physical examination date? The appointment date? I'm obviously a neophyte to the process.
Apearently I was the one who was confused. Sorry about that. The one year date is from the date of the physical exam, (or whenever it is reviewed). I appologize for my misunderstanding!