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    I was diagnosed for ADHD about 8 years ago. I am a junior right now. I took various medications all the way up until 15 years old for ADHD. When I was 15 and 16 I took a medication for anti-depression (I was never depressed) because I did poorly in school my freshman year. My sophomore year I got a 3.86 and now I am getting a 4.2 my junior year. I show no symptoms of ADHD or depression. Are these disqualifying?
    I could never imagine what I would do if I got disqualified and couldn't get a waiver. My whole life was centered around being in the military, especially a pilot. Any advice?
    I have not yet filled out an application for NROTC.
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    The only real answer you will receive here is that every case is different. You need to begin the process and let the system work. I do know that medical waivers are exceedingly and increasingly difficult to come by - they are processing 0 medical waivers at this point for OCS - I'm not sure about ROTC.

    That having been said - my son has an ADHD diagnosis, and was medicated daily from kindergarten through 5th grade. He was able to demonstrate excellent academic work (3.9 GPA and 34 ACT) with no medication beyond 5th grade, no IEPs, etc. He was approved and did not require a waiver, and received a 4-yr scholarship.

    It can be done, but a history of medication beyond age 13 will typically require a waiver - which may or may not happen in the current climate. You might want to start thinking of a plan B.

    Good luck to you!

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