Admission chances and were to improve?


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Jan 4, 2021
School stats current hs Sophomore at catholic prep school
1. GPA 3.5
2. PSAT score 930 (first-time past nerves hit me hard)
3. 1 year of varsity Water polo (hopefully two more years post covid) Also compete in club cycling and race in Europe
4. Science Olympiad and student marketing club, volunteer hours, CFLA leadership academy (should I add more clubs)
5. History of military service in the family(does this even matter)
6. Had honors courses freshman year but did not get placed in them sophomore year. Will this be frowned upon on my application. I had a B average in my honors courses last year with an A in the regular college prep courses.

What do I need to approve to up my chances of admission?
What looks really good on a USNA application?
Is it too early to talk to a blue and gold officer?
What can I do to stand out?
Should I play another sport?
I may or may not have an asthma condition that doesn't bother me will that affect my application?
Can you commission as a marine out of the academy?

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OK, let me offer some thoughts:

1. Biggest thing is academics-you can improve your grades. Many accepted have honors level (AP, Hon, etc.) classes almost exclusively.
2. Your GPA is good, but it's for regular college prep classes - if I understand you correctly. Higher level classes yields a higher weighted GPA.
3. Staying with one or two sports often matters more than having a Varsity letter in several. Team sports may be considered stronger (stick with Water polo, and try another sport if you can-don't stop Water Polo).
4. I believe family military history is helpful-I don't know how much though.
5. Never too early to reach out to a B&G officer-I think it shows commitment & persistence.
6. Yes, about 25% commission as Marines from the USNA. There are many Marine officers and senior enlisted at the Yard. My DS' Company Senior Enlisted is a Gunny.
7. Suggest you take as many STEM (AP or honors level) course as you can. Go as far in math as you can, 3 lab sciences is great.
8. I would assume Asthma can be an issue. There are people on this forum that can answer more on that.
9. Don't slack off on course selection your senior year-keep taking tough classes.
10. Congratulations on what you have achieved so far!

Just the fact that you are on here...asking how you can improve is a positive indicator.
Bravo Zulu.
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That’s not helping anybody. If you are going to be a stickler for grammar on a forum, make sure to put periods at the end of a sentence.
Don't do a club/extracurricular/sport because you think it will look good on your application, do something because you are genuinely interested in it. Those are the things that will aid your application especially because you will be able to speak on why you did it/were dedicated to it (not just because it would help your application) during interviews. Also, if possible, try and go to Boys/Girls State the summer going into your Senior Year. Lastly, if there are CAP/JROTC/Sea Cadets in your area, I would recommend looking into that (if it interests you).
1.) Keep working hard on academics and utilize prep programs such as Khan Academy to prep for the real SAT.
2.) Many things look good on an application, but at the end of the day you have to pursue the things you love. Never do something just so you can put it on your resume, do things that you will stick to and invest time in.
3.) It's never to early to talk to a BGO or attend one of the many admissions events that the academy does around the United States every year.
4.) Just be yourself. Pursue what you are interested in and do not force yourself to fit an image that you think might get you into the academy.
5.) If you want to yes, but do not force yourself to participate in a sport that you may or may not enjoy. Work towards becoming a captain on the water polo team.
6.) I am not a doctor so I am not going to give my insight because I do not want to give you wrong information.
7.) Yes, you can either pursue Marine aviation or Marine ground from the academy.
Also, research your questions here on the SAF. Most of your questions have been asked and you can search for discussion via the search tool.

And research at primary source, too. That last one about Marines shows you have not spent time on the main USNA site. Tons and tons of info there.

I would also suggest filling out the sports recruiting question air if you are interested in playing your sport. On USNA’s site.