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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by robertj96, Apr 7, 2012.

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    Could someone that has been accepted to or has attended the Naval Academy Preparatory School please post a list of academic and extracurricular achievements (such as grades, test scores, athletics, clubs, extracurricular positions, etc.)? My dream is to attend the U.S. Naval Academy in three years, and although I feel as if I couldn't get into the Naval Academy on what I have done in high school, so far, I want to see if there's a chance that I could be selected for NAPS. Thank you very much.
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    Before you become overwhelmed and confused by an abundance of information that doesn't seem to have a definitive model of what qualifies a prospect for NAPS, let me caution you that there really doesn't seem to be a slamdunk model. Everything is situational and unique to a specific person - with one possible exception which applies to recruited varsity athletes. The other common thread seems to be a need for an academic boost to be USNA ready. Other than that it will seem to be all over the ballpark. Get used to it. You will discover much the same is true of the candidates who receive offers of appointment to USNA; the individual features of their academic and ECA achievements is as varied as the candidates themselves. You can get a sense of this by reviewing the profile for any recent class. One final item of information: consideration for NAPS or Foundation is a function of the Admissions Board, one does not apply for either of the prep school programs. The board decides which candidates are considered for these excellent programs.

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