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    Could someone that has been accepted to or has attended the U.S. Military Academy Preparatory School please post a list of academic and extracurricular achievements (such as grades, test scores, athletics, clubs, extracurricular positions, etc.)? I feel as if I couldn't get into West Point on what I have done in high school, so far, so I want to see if there's a chance that I could be selected for the Prep School. Thank you very much.
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    To be selected for USMAPS, you have to be academically DQ'd but qualified in all other areas. You are DQ'd academically usually by low test scores.
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    If you are not a URM, recruited athlete, and/or soldier, your chance of getting a Prep School offer is very low.

    If you are highly qualifed, you might get a civil prep school scholarship, but those are limited also.
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    Good points. You do not apply to the Prep School. WP decides if they want to make that offer. However, there is not harm in letting your Regional Admissions Officer know that you would be interested if you do not get an offer to WP. However, that is a VERY long shot. It never hurts to ask-
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    I got accepted to USMAPS and I'm a URM (under represented minority?). I was told that my SAT score for Math wasn't high enough so they closed my profile then after I took my SAT a second time and got a higher score on the Math, my profile was reopened and they told me that I was going to be reviewed for the Prep School.

    I then took the ACT which I suppose overtook my SAT because it was higher in relation to the SAT score. To be honest, I didn't really think I would get in but was elated when I got the letter. Like it was said above, I guess they pick the people they think will be a good fit for the Prep School.

    I only had a 3.2 GPA with a AP classses (not all) all four years of high school.
    SAT: 1100 (Reading and Math combined?)
    ACT: 29
    Football through Eleventh grade.
    Newspaper in the Twelve grade.
    Various positions in an outside, buisness-like organization for five years.

    Those are all the major points that I could think of that West Point would look at along side other things like the teacher recommendations that you receive. I would also think that the candidate statement is something that plays a major part as well. Show them that you really want to be an officer in the United States Army and that you have what it takes to persevere through the hard times that will be ahead of you because that is the only part of the application that is inherently you. The rest is all statistics and accolades that don't really tell what type of person you are so if you are a good writer, make sure you put your best work into that candidate statement.

    Overall, I just feel very privledged for them to pick me because I was already getting ready to start calling up my other college's ROTC programs from the Air Force to the Army to see what I needed to do to walk onto their programs. Just apply anyway if you don't think you can make it into the regular Academy because you might get a chance to attend USMAPS; its just another year of schooling before you live out what you have been working hard to acheive.

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