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Nov 4, 2007
Im freaking out. Over the weekend I went to a nomination ceremony. However, the lead board member at this ceremony said that the MAJORITY of people tend to not hear from the admissions board until midway through march. So my question is for any prior usna alumni or current midshipmen. When will i receive notice of admission? or even: When did you receive word?
luv said:
Im freaking out

I assume that it is optimistic to think that those who are applying for admission for the Class of 2012 would have read the calendar for the class which is in the front of the online catalog:

April 15 With few exceptions, all candidates will be notified on or before this date whether or not they have been accepted for entry.

Also the Admissions section of the catalog makes the following statement:

Candidates will be notified as soon as possible of their status, and most will be notifi ed by April 15.

You should have been aware of this going in. The catalog speaks the truth.
dont worry, it is nerve wracking waiting for acceptance letters especially since they come later then most civilian universities. I have a friend that graduated from USNA last year who didn't hear about his acceptance until June. Goes the other way too; my sister, graduating in two months, received her acceptance in January, so it varies greatly. So while the wait might be painful the excitement of receiving an acceptance letter makes it all worth it.