Admissions Counselor


Feb 9, 2017
I sent an email to my admissions counselor a few weeks back with updates to my application. There has been no response. I know they are very busy reviewing applications, so should I wait or try to get my updates in a different way?
Couple of things. The fact there is no response doesn't mean the information wasn't received and added to your file.

Also, my understanding is that, once your packet is complete, updates other than updated transcripts/SAT scores should be sent via snail mail (I could be wrong about this). In any event, be sure the information has been endorsed by your school official and/or that you've included "objective evidence" of your achievement, such as an official certificate, etc. (the need to include the endorsement/certificate is why snail mail may be easier, though I suppose you could scan and send it via email).
My DS had the College Board send updated ACT scores to USNA.
The score was updated on the Candidate Information System about a week after he received his Offer of Appointment.
So at least in his experience - if they receive new data - it will get posted.