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    Just posting to see if anyone else has had problems reaching any of the numbers on the admit kit. I have accepted my appointment for this coming July and am trying to get the paperwork to New York from Hawaii. My home of record is in Virginia. Anyone know the best time to reach Cadet Health, Cadet Pay, etc.? This phase is definitely the most stressful of the entire process. Thanks
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    I've had to reach a couple of them for questions, and have found the best time was in the a.m, which means you're going to have to get up super early!
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    From the USMA Admissions Site:

    ANNOUNCEMENT: The West Point telephone system has been experiencing technical difficulties intermittently since March 17th.The issue has been resolved, but voicemail messages left this week may not get through to recipients. We recommend callers follow up with an email or phone call to ensure communication. Email addresses for key Admissions personnel can be found under the “Contact Admissions” link at left.

    That could be part of the reason that it has been so difficult. Good luck!
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