Admissions process for ROTC scholarship hopefuls


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Feb 16, 2007
I have a few questions about admissions processes/schlarships. After I apply for an NROTC schlarship, do I then apply to the schools seperately also in the fall? Can you be offered the scholarships to schools other than the three you pick? If I apply to a school not in the three I choose for the scholarship and get in can I be offered the scholarship there? Can those who are applying for an NROTC scholarship apply early decision? Thanks guys!!!
quick answers

1. Yes

2. Not sure - some people have reported that their kids were offered NROTC scholarships to schools that they didn't list or didn't apply.

3.You may be able to transfer your scholarship to a different school if their unit has not filled up yet. It's a bit of a gamble.

4.Yes. ED apps are completely and totally independent of NROTC apps. Having an NROTC scholarship will not help you in your college admissions quest as the two processes do not communicate w/ each other.

ED is to your advantage because then you can change your NROTC school selection before the onslaught of applications in January.

Are you a junior or a senior in high school?
While it is true that the NROTC scholarship process and the college admissions process are very separate, recruiters from many of the units will tell you that, if you receive a scholarship in one of the early rounds, the unit from the school you chose number one can provide that information to the admissions committee. While this will not help you if you clearly do not meet the standards for a given school, it can help significantly if you are well within the school's ranges for admission. In other words, if there are several equally-qualified candidates, having a full-tuition scholarship in hand can be helpful.

That being said, having a scholarship will likely not help you at all at the country's most selective schools (the top twenty or so ranked national universities).