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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by fartman38, Jun 24, 2010.

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    -Junior in New York City.
    -GPA 90~91
    -AP Psychology, AP English, rest honors.
    -In top 25% Class rank (200 of 800)
    -SAT 1st 490, 720, 600 / 2nd 520, 670, 640. Total R 520, M 720, W 640: 1880.
    -Varsity Volleyball team
    -Member of National Honor Society
    -Volunteered at a government-run after school program called KCS as a Teacher's Assistant; Volunteering at a hospital this summer.
    -Church's youth group president; Praise Team Leader; (Pastor's kid)
    -In good shape, working on the CFA this summer.

    How will I do in the admissions competition for West Point, as well as the otehr service academies, and also for ROTC scholarship? Suggestions/Recommendations would be great.
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    You don't use the username "fartman38". That is the critical first step.
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    Prep over the summer to retake the SAT the first time it's offered in the fall.
    Top 25% is nice but you should really focus on grades to show an upward trend. If you can crack the top 20% it would be helpful.
    Aim to be a co-captain of the volleyball team if at all possible.
    Get your ROTC application completed as soon as possible. You may be able to get started on the medical exam sooner.

    Question: Have you already taken AP Psych and English or are they planned for next year?

    Good luck.

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