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Feb 12, 2008
Will admissions ever tell you your status on the phone or do you have to wait for "the mail". I'm in waiver mode.
Just curious
I am also curious, they still haven't made a decision on my application yet(no waivers needed, just waiting) as of 4/21 when the RD called me back.
I called up my personal admissions officer and he told me the good news on the phone about my decision and finally about the waiver that I got.
My Son got a call from the head BGO that he wasn't going to get an appointment. It wasn't his grades (4.3), varsity team (Track letter and third in conference championships) , he was 3Q'd and had nominations for USNA, USMA USMMA and a NROTC scholarship offer. Took the appointment offer to attend USMMA Kings Point and is thrilled.
Got the letter approving my waiver and a call from Senators office all in the same day....See you on I day!
My daughter and I attended Senator Vitter's Academy Day yesterday (she is interested in the USAFA) and the USMMA sounds amazing. Congrats and good luck to your son. :thumb: