Advanced Camp/CLC, MS-3 year Preparations?


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Jan 28, 2013
I honestly haven´t been on here in awhile. I have some updates, and some questions. I made it through Rookdom at Norwich University. I made it through first two years of AROTC, and have been rated proficient by MS-2 cadre. I have wrestled on the team, and done BJJ as extras. The only problem I have had with math. It took half of every hour I studied (all my classes) last semester to pass. This had a sour effect on my grades, but I successfully passed that problem (Shouldn´t have needed to take it as a CJ major in the first-place, but that is neither here nor there). My grades are not bad, but not above-average as they were (3.2 now). I went to Basic Camp/CIET last summer and successfully graduated. This year I also studied abroad in Spain.

How is MS-3 year a change compared to MS-1 & 2? I imagine there are more leadership roles and am curious about the dynamic of them. How the Cadre view cadets, and what they are looking for? Are there any standardized ROTC exams I need to take? Will I interact more with the PMS? I want to understand how this year will most-likely present itself.

Most importantly what is CLC like? Is it much different than CIET? I fared pretty well during my time there, I felt that Norwich has provided a solid knowledge set in general to work with. However, I want to see the differences and outlines the changes I need to make I want to be prepared when 2nd round at Fort Knox comes around. Both programs seem to similar in almost every way, but then again these were only perspectives. Even the best units can miss training, and knowing is half the battle.

I would like recommendations particularly based on non-academic issues. I understand the values of grades in the branching process (It was the same in high-school, for getting a ROTC scholarship and did not change one bit. Also lets´ just say I need to fix some damage that math left; summer classes are my best friend till September.) It is these areas that I have less of an idea what to do with. I am particularly interested in languages and cultural-awareness, but I will try every opportunity or at least look into it. What could I do to improve my packet and my time at CLC?
Awesome info ^ I'll be borrowing some of the field craft ideas when I head down to Knox in a few weeks.
When it comes to MSL III year and CLC, I can only speak from experience. Every school is different and cadre members may weigh cadets in different manners. If you are in a smaller school, you'll probably get more face-time with the PMS. However, when I was a III, my instructor was the first rater and the PMS provided a senior rating; much like how actual officer evaluations are done in the Army. Not to mention, the PMS is probably working more with the MSL IVs.

The best way to get a good evaluation and high ranking in your class is to be a good cadet/leader. Take ownership of your leadership position/s and be proactive. Apply the technical leadership lessons you've learned and be open to feedback. If you are in a situation where you aren't the leader, be a good teammate. Do whatever you can to help the leader and provide constructive input when appropriate. Academics are academics, if you want a higher GPA, you will need to prioritize accordingly; no need to beat that dead horse.

CLC has changed a lot since I've been there; I really can't paint an accurate picture. However, I promise that cadre will pay attention to how you perform in and out of the spotlight. Again, it will be all about how you are as a teammate. The best way to prepare for that is to pay critically assess how you follow and lead. Pick yourself apart, pay attention to how you interact with the team, ask for feedback from superiors and peers, figure out where you need to improve, and implement appropriate changes; whether they are technical or personal. MSL III year is the perfect time to accomplish this.