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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by mom3boys, Apr 16, 2015.

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    Last night there was an admissions event in Atlanta. Our RC, Maj. Turner presented. One thing he reiterated over and over was how important it was that the candidate ask the questions. That means the email associated with the portal is the candidates (NOT the parent's)--same with the phone number. If there's a question, it comes from the candidate, NOT the parent. If you need to call, the candidate calls, NOT the parent. He said this numerous times, so I'm thinking it's pretty important. Just an FYI for c/0 2020 and beyond.
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    I am always blown away by how much excessive parental involvement there is. I had a parent chew me out several years ago because I said it's the kid's job to apply to West Point, not the parent's. The parent said the candidate missed several deadlines so the parent took over the application process. Plebe year, the parent was all over this page, just the most knowledgeable person ever about all things West Point, more posts. My guess???....plebe didn't have Mommy and Daddy helping him meet deadlines, the work load at West Point overwhelmed him, and he didn't return.

    YMMV and JMHO, of course.:coo2l:
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    @mom3boys, we also heard Maj Turner speak to the fact as well last year at Academy day and we also heard the same information during our visit to USMA last spring with dd. On another note, I wasn't aware of an event in Atlanta last night! :(. We are signed up for Academy day for ds however.
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    Very good point. I am always caught off guard when I see parents calling BGOs, admissions, MOCs. When I first joined this forum I actually asked all my buddies if their parents ever did anything for their applications to include phone calls. They all responded no and were surprised I asked. We had just as busy a schedule as kids today and didn't have email or cell phones and still made all the necessary calls. I think the only involvement my parents had was when I filled out DODMERB and asked a few health history questions and doctors names/numbers and my SF-86 for old addresses and points of contact. I really believe applicants need to own the application and everything that goes with this process. But these are just my personal opinions and everyone will do their own thing.
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    My father was a little embarrassed as well as proud when he was waiting in the lobby during my MOC interview, speaking with a staff member and another parent. They were discussing different parts of the application and my father didn't have much to say, except for, "My son has done every part of the process himself. I don't really know much about what you're talking about."

    Always there for support, but always leaving responsibility to the future leader.
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