AF Intel with Technical Major?


Jul 14, 2017
Hi all;

Is it possible for someone commissioning through ROTC to go in as an intelligence officer with a technical (say MechE/Aero) major? Would an IR/FA track be a better option?
You can technically be any major. But if the air Force needs mechanical engineers one year they can make you do that instead. Depends on the needs of the AF.
Many intelligence positions need a technical background. For my research I work intelligence officers with math and physics backgrounds and their technical knowledge is very helpful due to the technical nature of the intelligence gathered. Intelligence is a broad field but there is a large portion that is "technical intelligence" where an FA background is not too useful and a technical one is.

I'd recommend a technical degree with a foreign language. Here is a link with the actual requirements
Yeah, you shouldn't have a problem doing that. Only do a language though if you are really passionate about it.