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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by AFA17, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Feb 14, 2013
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    i heard that the air force academy and really any other academy creates amazing bonds between the classmates.

    I'll be heading to Colorado this year to represent the class of 2017 :)

    Can anyone share there stories between their friends at the academy and how close everyone is? It makes me really happy and excited to know that the friends i will encounter will be there for life, and I'd love to hear some stories from graduates to get me pumped :biggrin:

    Thanks & Happy Valentines Day! :D
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    My closest group of friends and I try to have reunions or visit each other often. Last year all of us and our significant others met in Tucson for the baby shower of one of us. This May we're all heading to Colorado Springs to another's house who got stationed at Peterson in C-130s. I've been able to see almost all my closest friends 2-3 times per year whether they've come to see me or I've gone to see them. We go to each other's weddings, watch pets during travel, talk often, and visit when we can. It's pretty clear the bunch of us are inseparable and it's going to stay like that for a long time.
  3. LFry94

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    Sep 29, 2011
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    I'm only at the Prep School, but I can easily say that the friends I've made here are the coolest people I know. It's literally like having a bunch of awesome bros and sisters. You help each other, make fun of each other, work out together, repay each other with gatorade and energy drinks, and everyone's there to help each other get through adversity. (And it starts from basic training.)

    Good example is a CC here had his father pass away a couple weeks ago and he had to use a nice amount of his savings to fly out on emergency leave. In addition to giving him emotional support, we did our best to raise money and help replenish his savings. It's the caring people like that that make this place great.
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    I'm also at the Prep School, and LFry is right. There is something about living in suchclose proximity. Sometimes you'll hate each other, but often the people here kiss and make up (for lack of a better expression). It's just like having a 200+ family.

    I've already made friends that I know will stick around for years. I've told people things here that I hadn't even told my closest friends back home.

    As LFry said, this friendship is built from facing adversity together. There will be tough times ahead and it is the people around you that will help you persevere.
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    Nothing closer than going to USAFA with your twin! but my sons'
    friends are simply the best people we've ever met! Great young men and women!

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