AFJROTC Honors Camp

i am going on the 6-11 of june. What state are you guys from? I live in Fayetteville north Carolina. high school Terry Sanford i am a junior/ rising senior. I am the only one going from my school because of our size. maybe i'll see one of you guys out there. I cant wait to fly!!!!!!!!
uhh....which flight were you in? (include t-shirt color)
average day

Hey if any one has questions for Honor's camp please meial me. I attended Honors Camp in 2007 and that was my Sophmore year :shake:. So you can email me with any questions if you have now and now I am on my journey for the USAFA and USNA.

what is an average day at honors camp like what to expect
I'm finally in!

Horray! I got into the Honors Camp this year! (I was an alternate last year) I'm going 24-29 June; the one in Oklahoma. Anyone else?

Also, I heard a rumor that this is the last year for the Honors Camp because of budget cuts - is this true?

-C/2Lt Holden